GardenWeek Virtual Visits August 9, 1999

Editor's Journal

It is even fuller in the Flower Garden than it was earlier in the summer. If I could use only one word to describe it, I would use the word "tall." And if I could use only two words, I would use "really tall." Because that is what is happening--so many really tall plants it is amazing. We have neglected to show the paths in earlier reports and are trying to make up for that here. The ironic significance of the paths in the Flower Garden is that they virtually cannot be seen--they are narrow to start with, and with the Stonecrop level of lushness spilling over onto them they are practically covered--a uniquely delicate situation that could never be maintained in a more heavily visited garden where everything would be trampled. Continue.

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Dramatically tall red leaved Cannas and other reds line this path.
Dramatically Tall Red Leaved Cannas
Down the Path to the Shed
The tall red leaved Cannas add a striking note of contrasting color and texture to the other reds, pinks, and blues down this path.
I know there is a path there somewhere...the level of richness is almost that of a jungle.
A Nearly Hidden Path
An Architectural Complement
The small structure with its cedar shake roof is the perfect architectural complement to the variety of flower colors and leaf textures.
The view down another enchanting path.
Another Path
No Draught Here!
Fortunately you would never know we were in the midst of one of the worst draughts in history.
Lots of reds including Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea.
Lots of Reds
Lots of Yellows
Lots of yellows including Helianthus helianthoides and the Golden Hop-- Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'--on the tripod.
Stonecrop--The Flower Garden Part 1

Stonecrop--The Flower Garden Part 2

Stonecrop--The Black Garden

Stonecrop--Gunneras and Friends

Stonecrop--In and Around the Woodlands

Stonecrop May 31

Stonecrop July 5

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