GardenWeek Virtual Visits June 14, 2000

Editor's Journal: Stonecrop

After two days of rain the drizzle has stopped and it is a grey day with the temperature only in the high 50s.There is a lot of green and white--particularly in the Woodlands--with both plants with white flowers and plants with foliage variegated with white--at almost every turn. The first Lilies of the season are blooming and the Syringa reticulata beyond the Flintstone Bridge is at its peak. Continue.

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Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit plants indicated by AGM.

The Gunnera is growing. . . and growing.
Gunnera manicata
Ligularia x palmatiloba
A Ligularia with spectacularly huge fan-shaped leaves--about 18 inches across. We will show this species again when it blooms.
Anemone sylvestris with white flowers and a Pulmonaria with white spots on its leaves.
Pulmonaria and Anemone
Cornus kousa and Hosta
Cornus kousa with white flowers and a Hosta with white-margined leaves.
And on the Himalayan Slope, the white flowers of Rheum palmatum (AGM) towering above its large distinctive foliage and in front of a variegated Hosta.
Rheum on the Himalayan Slope
Kalmia and Hydrangea
One of the slightly pink native Kalmia latifolia (AGM) on the left and Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris (AGM) growing up and flowering on one of the large trees in the Woodland.
Another plant with white-margined leaves--Variegated Solomon's Seal, a member of the Convallariaceae family.
Polygonum odoratum 'Variegatum'
Aruncus dioicus
An important plant this week, this Aruncus is by the pool at the bottom of the Himalayan Slope.
Tall delicate white sprays of tiny flowers of a member of the Rosaceae family known as Goat's Beard.
Aruncus dioicus
Hakonechloa and Aruncus
And another patch of Aruncus blooming behind the Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' (AGM), a frequent guest on these pages.
Moving on to the Flower Garden, a plump clump of a tall white Polygonum.
Polygonum polymorphum
Lilium martagon var. album
At the top of the Cliff, one of the first Lilies to bloom this season, these look particularly fine in front of their neighbor's dark green foliage and next to a white-trunked Birch.
Beyond the Flintstone Bridge, the large fluffy white clusters of Syringa reticulata.
Flintstone Bridge
Syringa reticulata
Not a lilac-colored Lilac at all--large fluffy fragrant clusters of small flowers make this Syringa--the Japanese Tree Lilac--the "tree of the week."
Stonecrop--Yellow, Pink, and Blue in the Gardens

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