GardenWeek Virtual Visits March 21, 2000

Editor's Journal: Stonecrop

At about 45 degrees it was a lot cooler than it was on our last visit earlier in the month. In the Pit House the extensive collection of Alpine Primulas--many of them only subtly different from their neighbors--are continuing to bloom along with many other Alpine plants. In the Alpine House, many Saxifragas shown earlier in the month are also continuing to bloom along with many Drabas and other Alpine plants. But the Hepaticas seem to have a very short season and--unfortunately for those of us wanting to photograph them one more time--are just about finished until next year. Iris reticulata, Adonis amurensis and a few species of Hamamelis are blooming outdoors and the Cliff Garden is about to awaken. Continue.

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Starting in the Pit House, this member of the Saxifragaceae family from Japan, China and Korea has clusters of small star-like white flowers well above the large deeply divided reddish leaves.
Mukdenia rossi
Primula x 'Beatrice Wooster'
From the extensive collection of Primulas in the Pit House, a hybrid of P. allioni x. P. marginata, both of which are from the Alps. Just one of over 160 different Primulas grown under glass at Stonecrop.
A cultivar with narrow petals and farina in the throats of the flowers and on the leaves. Farina is a powdery covering produced by many Primulas to protect them against moisture loss.
Primula marginata 'Dynasty'
Primula marginata 'Gold'
A cultivar with a wonderful pattern of much white farina on the flowers and slightly golden farina on the leaves.
Brilliant golden flowering Hoop-Petticoat Daffodil--native to Southern France and Southern Spain. Note the curved stamens.
Narcissus bulbocodium 'Tenuifolius'
Primula x kewensis 'Thurgold'
P. x kewensis (P. floribunda x P. verticillata from the western Himalayas and Ethiopia respectively) is a vigorous hybrid raised, not surprisingly, at Kew in 1896. This cultivar from that cross has whorls of buds covered in white farina opening to very fragrant bright yellow flowers.
A member of the Papaveraceae family native to China with fern-like blue-green leaves and many open racemes of yellow flowers with green tips,
Corydalis wilsonii
Morisia monanthus 'Fred Hemingway'
A member of the Cruciferae family, this is the only species of the genus. Flat rosettes of very narrow leathery dark green fern-like leaves and flowers with four petals, typical of the family. Native to Sardinia and Corsica--and named after Josephi Moris.
Moving on to the Alpine House, a pot of Armenian native, Draba polytricha, in full bloom with bright yellow flowers above the small cushion of tiny leaves.
Draba polytricha
The Draba Collection
An overview of the Draba collection in the Alpine House--consisting of over 12 species and including D. cappadocica, D. longisiliqua, D. rosularis, and D. mollisima
A member of the Solanaceae family native to Chile and the only species of its genus, this evergreen shrub has small hanging tubular yellow flowers--and leaves with an unpleasant smell.
Vestia foetida
The Flintstone Bridge
Outside, it was a chilly and overcast day, but the Cliff Garden facing the Flintstone Bridge will soon awaken. Just about a month ago, the bridge and boulders were covered in snow.
The stems have lengthened on the Adonis shown on March 7, and the leaves have become further developed and much greener.
Adonis amurensis
Iris reticulata in a Raised Bed
The first of the Irises to bloom outdoors at Stonecrop is this species native to the Caucasus Mountains.
Stonecrop--The Conservatories

Stonecrop--Veltheimia bracteata in Bloom!

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