GardenWeek Virtual Visits March 7, 2000

Editor's Journal: Stonecrop

The Clematis armandii is in full bloom, a white Loropetalum is blooming, the Veltheimias are finally about to bloom, a Rhaphiolepis is just starting to bloom, more Lachanelias--there can never be too many--two Eccremocarpuses, a tropical Bignonia, and an extraordinarily uniquely colored and diminutive Fuchsia are just a few of our favorites in the Conservatory along with the Chorizema, Prostranthera, Erysimum, Coronillas and others that we have shown previously. Continue.

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The Clematis armandii shown in bud on January 10, and starting to bloom in late February, is now a mass of white as it reaches its peak of bloom.
Clematis armandii
Rhaphiolepis indica 'Pink Cloud'
This member of the Rosaceae family native to South China was just starting to bloom in the Conservatory
It seems like it has been an awfully long wait, but I think the Veltheimias are really going to bloom. Check back!
Veltheimia bracteata
Loropetalum chinense
A native of China, the genus is from "loron" meaning thong and "petalon" meaning petal in reference to the strap like petals. See also the pink Loropetalum on February 14.
Now from a genus we show a lot--Lachenalia aloides v. tricolor--and three colors it is.
Lachenalia aloides v. tricolor
Lachenalia aloides v. nelsonii
Lachenalia aloides v. nelsonii--pure yellow.
Lachenalia orchioides on the left and Lachenalia aloides v. tricolor on the right.
L. orchioides and L. aloides. v. tricolor
Lachenalia orchioides
Lachenalia orchioides is Orchid-like with greenish flowers and purplish buds. See more Lachenalias at Wave Hill on March 6 and Stonecrop on January 10 and December 20.
A pot of spicy scented Gladiolus 'Christobel,' a member of the Iridaceae family from South Africa, glows in the afternoon sun.
Gladiolus 'Christobel'
Brunfelsia pauciflora
A fragrant member of the Solanaceae family from Brazil, this tender shrub has flowers that start out bluish purple and lighten to white over a few days and is known as Yesterday-Today- and-Tomorrow.
A member of the Convolvulaceae family from the Balkans and North Africa, this silvery shrub has white or pale pink flowers with wonderful dark markings on the reverse of the petals that we will try to show on our next visit.
Convolvulus cneorum
Eccremocarpus exhort 'Fireworks'
A climbing member of the Bignoniaceae family from Chile and Peru with distinctive small brightly colored tubular flowers.
Although tropical looking, this Bignonia climbing in the end greenhouse is actually native to the southeastern United States. The genus is named after Abbe Bignon, Louis XVs librarian.
Bignonia capreolata 'Tangerine Beauty'
Fuchsia procumbens
From New Zealand, a creeping Fuchsia with very small multicolored--yellow, green, purple, and red--flowers. Although they are easy to miss, they are well worth looking for.
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