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Editor's Journal: Stonecrop

A few more plants in the Pit House, an amazing Saxifraga and a few other Alpines, an incredibly free flowering "wall orchid" and the Conservatory where almost everything blooming is made of of clusters of small flowers. Continue.

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A short early blooming royal purple from Caucasus Mountains.
Iris reticulata
Daphne bholua
A fragrant member of the Thymelaeaceae family native to Nepal and the surrounding area, this shrub can grow to eight feet.
Just in case the pattern of lime deposits of its leaves were not distinctive and unusual enough, this centers of the rosettes of this member of the Saxifragaceae family from Albania are covered in maroon hairs.
Saxifraga grisebachii 'Wisley Variety'
Helichrysum coralloides
The tiny leaves on this member of the Compositae are so tightly packed along the stems they look like a coral.
A white blooming Saxifraga from Macedonia.
Saxifraga scardica
Primula allioni palomina form
One of the many Primulas at Stonecrop, this species is from the French and Italian Alps.
There are not a lot of Orchids at Stonecrop, but this Coelogyne from the foothills of the Himalayas--one of about 120 species of the genus--is growing on a wall like a painting.
Coelogyne cristata
Coelogyne cristata
A close-up of just three of what must have been over 100 fragrant flowers on this outstanding Orchid.
This tender evergreen shrub and member of the Flacourtiaceae family from Chile can grow to fifteen feet.
Azara petiolaris
Azara petiolaris
A close-up of the flowers which hang below the branches and consist mostly of the yellow stamens.
This pale green flowering member of the Euphorbiaceae family was named after Mary Ann Robb who introduced it and is also known as Mrs. Robb's Bonnet.
Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae
Edgeworthia chrysantha
This member of the Thymelaceae family found near streams in Central China is a deciduous shrub which grows to five feet and has flowers--yellow on the inside and white and hairy on the outside--in nodding umbels. The tree is cultivated in Japan for paper making
With small clusters of small narrow petalled green flowers this member of the Iridaceae family from South Africa is, unfortunately, too easy to miss.
Anomatheca viridis
Lithodora zahnii
A member of the Boraginaceae family from Central Italy with a very blue flowers.
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